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Planning and Zoning


On November 3, 2020 the City of Irwin taxpayers voted on Ordinance No. 122 establishing a municipal non-property sales tax, providing for the imposition of a Three percent (3%) room occupancy charge on receipts from all short-term rental (30 days or less) charges for hotel/motel rooms, condominium units, tourist homes, vacation rentals, recreational vehicle (RV) spaces or other sleeping accommodations.

Please complete a Room Tax Application form and forward to City Clerk, PO Box 148, Irwin, ID 83428 or email to

The City of Irwin will follow the same schedule for payment of non-property sales tax as the State of Idaho Tax Commission. Please indicate your payment schedule with the Idaho Tax Commission on the Permit form.

Please complete a Tax Return for payment of room tax when mailing payments.

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